Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday and "choot 'em"

So this post is completely random, but oh well!  Friday was "a"theletic shirt day.  My sister, Elizabeth, made SB a shirt to wear. Her class has lots of State fans, including her teacher.  Unfortunately this came the next morning after a sad loss to LSU.  
If you need a shirt, dress, or romper--supporting a team, holiday, animal, etc... click on Just Tee-sing on the right of my blog and order some.  She is ridiculously cheap--I told her she should up her prices--except for me of course! (I had not washed this shirt which is why it looks box"y".  I have washed it now and it is great!

Friday was C day for Leigh so she made cinnamon cookies and capri suns.  Sister was at school so she had a blast making these by herself.

And finally...a big THANK  YOU to Aunt Chris (Zeb's aunt) for sending the kiddos these Swamp People shirts.  Zeb's mom's family is from Plaquemine,  Louisianna  which is about as Cajun as you can get!  They were so excited and have had them on all afternoon and are now sleeping in them!

And Grump Man (as he was known today) would not sit for a picture.


The Purser Family said...

So, the word at the office is we are going to Bass Pro next month to meet the swamp people.

Anonymous said...

Love the Tees!