Saturday, September 10, 2011

And the nightstand did it again...

The Hensons and nightstands don't seem to be getting along lately.  It was about 2 months ago that Sara Beth rolled into hers during the night and cut her eyelid.  Well, this time, it was Sam.  He pulled his over on him.  Thankfully Zeb was home and it was 5:15, so everyone had not even left clinic yet.  One UMC clinic is just 4 or 5 minutes from our house so we headed there.  Several nurses and Jimmy Stewart hung around for us to get there.  Sam was such a trooper!  He barely cried at all.  (He has a cold so his cry is hoarse--that really broke my heart)  He seems good to go now though!  I thought he would wake up with a black eye, but it's not.  Just swollen and red!

One a separate note, I have to say thanks to our neighbors.  I really don't know what we would do with out them.  Thursday afternoon Austin (the dog) had a really long copperhead snake in her mouth that she killed.  She wouldn't leave it alone and I was maybe or maybe not hyperventilating over it! :)  Earl came down and disposed of the snake for me! Then, yesterday when Sam cut his eye, Janet came and watched the girls and then cooked my apples that I had cut up for dinner so they wouldn't go bad!  Everyone needs some neighbors like them!

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the blonde, herself said...

Poor Sam! Glad he's doing okay!