Monday, September 12, 2011

An Indian Wedding

We had a very fun weekend!  Seema, a UMC resident, got married.  She is of Indian descent so she had a traditional Indian wedding.  Let me give you a piece of advice...if you ever get invited to an Indian wedding-GO!  It is very different from our traditional Christian ceremonies.

Here we are...ready to go!

The ceremony isn't the main part--the reception is.  In India the guest arrive about 45 minutes after the ceremony starts.  There are about a dozen different parts to the ceremony, but the order doesn't really matter.  It is just whatever the officiant wants to do.  He informs the bride and groom and their families as the ceremony proceeds.  Unfortunately I couldn't really get any good pictures,  but I will try to "borrow" some from a friend.

Seema was throwing rice over her head onto their families for good luck as they left the ceremony.  I hope I can find a good picture of her gown.  It was absolutely amazing.  I believe she told me it was hand made in India--gorgeous!

The tables were beautiful.

Behind those curtains was where the cocktail hour was.  The appetizers were delicious.  Then we walked through the curtains to a seated buffet dinner.

The bride and groom- Kendall and Seema

I have some video to that I took that I will upload soon!  Every single detail was taken care of--it was so fun!


The Gardners said...

What a cool experience! Ya'll looked fabulous! Brings back memories of ChiO formals!:)

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful! love your dress. the festivities look pretty amazing. how long was it?

The Hensons said...

that's funny. she sat in front of me in high school algebra! ha!