Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sunday afternoon we went with honey and g to barnes and noble to see curious george.  curious george has been a family favorite for over 2 years now.  the girls had fun, but i think their favorite part was reading any book they wanted to in the store.

curious george was pretty good--the reader could have been louder and more enthusiastic.  the teacher in us wanted to go get the book and read it to engage the children more.  nontheless, it was a good afternoon.

sara beth has been saying for over a month now that g was gonna take her fishing.  it was something she mentioned on a daily basis as we drove over spillway or past the lake in our neighborhood.  well, she was right and g took them fishing.  they had a blast.  you can see a little brim on the line.  they caught several (or at least the same fish several times).  in the picture, neither girl could take their eyes off the fish!  and no leigh is not sunburned...she's like her mommy and turns bright red when hot!


Lance and DK said...

love the fishing. i turn really red too. so does my mom. can zeb tell us why? dk

Anonymous said...

They would not take their eyes off that fish for fear he would wiggle out of g's hand. ( actually happened and they went crazy). G even told them how to tell a fish tale. FUN