Sunday, May 16, 2010

quick trip

The Davenports came flying in yesterday afternoon around 3:30 so they could baptize Emily this morning.

The kids had fun catching up and playing.

our little ham--i mean, who taught her to do this?

They always pick right up where they left off!

I seriously cannot believe that I am posting this picture! Unfortunately last night, I felt as bad and swollen as I look! But, it's a cute pic of the rest of the family!'s the last picture ever of me with braces!  I get them off at 1:30 tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

"All" the pictures look great!

Anonymous said...

And I know that you have been looking forward to this day. Enjoy your dinner out tonight. Honey

Lance and DK said...

honey is right. food will taste so much better, and it is great to brush your teeth with out the braces. its the little things that count! glad you are getting them off and know you will have an even more beautiful smile. dk

Jen said...

can we come back this weekend???
thank you for having us! we love you! can't wait to meet the little one!