Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The people in the medicine office at UMC held a joint shower for us and for the Woods (expecting identical twin girls) .  They were so very kind.  It was so nice and it is a lot of fun to have some new things for baby #3!  Between the shower yesterday and seeing the baby in a sonogram on Monday, I have been able to get really excited!  I think I have been so nervous this whole time, that I haven't let myself enjoy looking and thinking baby stuff.  I'm officially ready to get the nursery finished!

Amy and JP.  JP has decided his sisters' names need to be Princess and Cowgirl!  I think they  might stick!

Zeb is probably not gonna like the shot above (ha!), but I didn't take many pictures!

All 3 of the chiefs this year have had a child-Jeremy and Sha had a little girl last August; Amy and Patrick are having twin girls in June; and we will be having a baby in July.  These are the 3 chiefs for next year!  They are all laughing at the idea of having a child during their chief year!

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