Friday, May 21, 2010

The Last Day of...


Sara Beth has completed the 3 year old program and to celebrate there was a party at Maddox's house!

SB stood at the top of the slide for about 10 minutes before deciding to join in on the fun!

But, once she got going, she didn't want to stop!

Mrs. Nuzzo made all the kids a photo album of the year.  It is absolutely one of the sweetest gifts ever.  She took pictures of every special day including each child's birthday!  She always went the extra mile and made the kids feel so special.  Because of her all 10 excelled!


Tuesday was Sara Beth's last day of gymnastics for a while!  I don't have many pictures of her since she is in a big girl class.  She has enjoyed it every bit as much as Leigh! SB has been trying to decide if she wants to take gymnastics, ballet, or cheerleading in the fall!  I believe she will think about it everyday this summer!


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that it took her any time to slide. Glad she had such a good year. I pray they will all be special. Honey

Anonymous said...

Trinity is known for great teachers!