Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you need a babysitter?

Summer is here!  Our babysitter, Miriam, just finished her freshman year at Ole Miss.  She is going to babysit for her summer job.  If you need a sitter, call me and I will give you her information.  I know several of my friends have already gotten her for a set time a week, but she still has some available as well as sporadic babysitting!  She is wonderful with kids.  I highly recommend her!

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Hooks Family said...

I need a babysitter for one day a week. I need a day to run errands alone!! How much do you normally pay her? I have no experience paying sitters - we have NEVER had a REAL babysitter - always grandparents!! Thanks in adavance- Beth
PS: Hope you are still taking it easy!!