Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Day, Mommy, Happy Day

So, yesterday was the day I have been dreading for quite a while.  Actually, it wouldn't be bad at all to turn 30 if I didn't feel like I was 80!  We had a fun day and our 2 activities wore me out! ha!

My day started when Zeb and the girls woke me up singing "Happy Birthday"!  It's the best wake up a mom could ever have!

My mom took us to Bon Ami for lunch-by far my favorite lunch spot in Jackson.  I have never taken the girls, but they were great!  

Sara Beth and Doe sat at the end of the table and ignored the rest of us.  They ended up coloring their entire end of the table.  Doe was trying to teach her how to draw flowers and a house.  Funny thing...I vividly remember Doe teaching me to draw those two things!

After a delicious lunch of chicken salad and way too much berry tea, the adults split this caramel brownie--yum!

Sweet bye bye hug

We come home and rested all afternoon so we could go to dinner with Daddy!  We went to Cock of the Walk.  We haven't been there in over a year, but it was great fun!  Throughout our meal we watched a black lab run off the pier and catch a tennis ball in the water.  

We saved our cornbread so we could feed some ducks!

And when the ducks got too close for comfort the girls found comfort in their Daddy's legs!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! Wish I could have been there to celebrate at Bon Ami...maybe next year!

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! The Thirties are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'd take 30 but then I wouldn't have grandbabies. No fun. Honey

The Hensons said...

i know we have said this before, but looking at these pictures...william and sara beth could seriously be twins. i mean, it's freaky.

Lance and DK said...

happy 30th! i agree with laura. dk