Wednesday, May 12, 2010

more 'nastics pictures

leigh is still loving 'nastics! it is the highlight of her week and she is going to be very disappointed to find out she only has one left until the fall. we are opting out of all activities for the summer because of baby #3!

on the way to gymnastics monday, we stopped by doe and dub's to welcome him home from another night in the hosptial. they have a very sweet bond between them! she loves spending time with him like i did when i was little. (i have warned dub many times....he can't play favorites! ha!) you can see leigh and her baby are ready for gymnastics!

most of the kids in the class are turning or have just turned 3. so they will be moving out of the mommy and me class. coach amy decided that this week would be a practice big kid class. leigh did surprisingly well to be a year younger. she didn't want mommy's help if the others weren't getting help (and it helped my back a little too!) this is elaina price next to her. elaina's mommy monica was a chi -o at state with me. maybe our girls will be chi-o's at state one day!

on a completely different note, this is one of the main reasons why i don't like cats at all! help!

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