Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach Trip

The Henson clan invaded Orange Beach last week!  Everyone was able to go and we had a very good time!  It was a nice change of scenery for me!  I had to stay in the condo all day, but could go to dinner at night!  (I did sneak down for five or ten minutes a few times to snap some pictures)  That being said, my pictures aren't great because they were all "forced" into those few minutes!

G and the kiddos (minus Alexadra) watching cartoons before nap time!

We stayed at the Caribe.   These pictures were taken at The Cobalt restaurant-very yummy!

This picture makes me laugh--Leigh wanted so badly to take a picture like the big three, but Alexandra wanted absolutely no part!


Zeb has been working a ton lately (not anymore!!!) and the three of them had lots of good quality play time!  Zeb did not come back rested because those two love the pool, but are very needy swimmers!

The girls went down this slide no less than 2, 389 times!


Anonymous said...

Great trip!

laura said...

so glad you got to go!! looks like everyone had a lot of fun. hope you are feeling well!

Nicki said...

We plan to stay at the Caribe later this summer (if the oil stays at bay), you'll have to tell me how it was! Hope the pregnancy is feeling better. We'ld love to have Leigh over!