Saturday, April 17, 2010

friday night

our plans for friday night got cancelled and zeb was working, so the girls and i tried to make the best of it...

we ate a picnic dinner outside
after lots and lots of swinging
and then went to bops for some ice cream!

sara beth was so sweet to leigh (as is the case most of the time)- leigh didn't want all of her ice cream so i let sb finish it up. but, according to my girls, the best part is the liquid at the end cause they "drink" it. without any prompting at all, when sb finished leigh's ice cream, sb asked leigh if she wanted to drink it. sb then helped her finish the best part!
and both girls were asleep at 7 o'clock with full bellies and happy faces


Anonymous said...

Sara Beth is so sweet to her little sister! That is soooo precious! Love those girls! MyMay

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed Bops.

Anonymous said...

Got the love for ice cream from g. He will go to bops in a heartbeat. Honey