Monday, October 3, 2011

Its Finally Fall, Y'all!

I am so excited it is October!  The hot hot hot weather is gone and we can enjoy beautiful days with cool nights!  We celebrated Saturday being the 1st by going to the pumpkin patch.  It was a great family activity!

We can never get a decent picture with me in it

We jumped on a hayride and went to see some animals.  Here are a few deer and a zedonk (zebra and donkey mix).
Sam stood up like this the entire time and everytime he saw an animal he would scream something out!  He is a typical boy--loves being outside, animals, and tractors!
We also got to see some goats.
I may have let her wear jeans before now just so I could see this more often!
Sam was also in to pointing at things and going "dat".  I love his little point and had to get a pic of it!
beautiful sunflower field
He picked out "dat" pumpkin.
And she picked out this one!
Mine of course could have done this all day!
Sam got a little practice in...
We saw a bunch of people we knew.  Leigh is with her friend Mary Emerson.
And Sam with his friends Molly and Andrew.  These three were in the NICU together 15 months ago.  Amazing what can change in 15 months!  I love how Andrew is looking at him like "what on earth do you have to cry about"!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Glad the weather cooperated. Honey

Anonymous said...

What a day!
I love every picture.