Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Date Night

Chick Fil A had daughter-daddy date night.  Zeb took the girls.  We kept it a secret from them until the last minute.  While I was getting the girls dressed, Zeb and Sam went to buy some flowers.  Zeb came to the front door and asked if they would like to go on a date!  They were surprised and very excited!

A quick pic beforehand!

As usual, Chick fil A does everything right.  They had guys is tuxes open the door.  And they had this "balloon rainbow" set up!  

The tables were set complete with flowers and a black tablecloth!

My kitchen looks beautiful with all the flowers!  The ones in the center Sam gave me!

Sam and I went on a date too, but since he can't talk we asked Ashley to go with us!  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture.  We went to 5 Guys and had YUMMY burgers!


Anonymous said...

You guys do some really great planning for special memories. And they will remember. Well maybe not Sam yet but soon. Honey

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Zeb is a great Dad. Bet the girls never forget.