Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Doe turned 89 on October 3rd.  We had her a much deserved party at our house!  I think she really enjoyed it!  Sara and I did the cooking--cheese soup, pork tenderloin, coconut shrimp,  french bread, butter beans, lady peas, and lemon freeze!

The kids table--Doe and Dub gave each great grandchild a junior size of my silver pattern--which just so happens to be her silver pattern as well as my mom and sisters!

Doe looked beautiful!

We were so excite that Megan and Gina Foster were able to make it!

"Mr. Nick, Mr. Nick, chase me, chase me"  You can tell by their faces who is having more fun here!

Happy Birthday, Doe! And here's to many more...


Deborah said...

Is your silver pattern Strasbourg? That was a pattern I almost chose when I got married. I like to say my pattern is Chantilly, but since I don't have a piece of it, that's not really accurate :-) I have said I should start Rebekah's collection now so she can have several place settings when she grows up. Maybe I'll get her Strasbourg and just "borrow' it until she's older! She probably wouldn't mind ;-)

Anonymous said...

Really nice party for lovely lady. Honey

The Gardners said...

Sweet Doe! She does look beautiful. You do such a good job at making birthday's special!