Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a short two weeks ago Sam was not at all interested in walking. That Thursday Sam finally started letting me hold his hands while he walked instead of just sitting down. We went to New Orleans that weekend and he stayed with Sandi and George and I think they practiced all weekend. Well, since then there has been lots of practice and lots of encouragement!

I am so glad he let these two hold his hands to practice.

Yesterday I was standing in the kitchen making cornbread and I looked over and Sam was holding the door and about to let go. He then took about 3 steps into the dining room. During the 20 minutes the cornbread was in the oven we went outside and walked. This is how he finished! I agree with G--he need's a golf club instead of a pink rake!

He was so tired from walked that he wouldn't take any steps once Zeb got home! But, we know he can do it! We have proof!