Monday, August 8, 2011

My trio

I love my trio! Most of the time they are so much fun!  They make me laugh! We needed all of these things on Saturday just to walk down the street to say good morning to our neighbors!   

I really enjoy being home everyday with them and being their momma!  That being said, the grandmothers are giving me a much needed break for the day.  As much as I love them and enjoy them, they have been driving me crazy the last few weeks.  I think it's just the end of the summer and everyone is ready for the routine of school. They have been cranky and so have I.  

 I am very thankful to the grandparents for doing this! 

Now...I am off to clean and organize my house so we can at least start the school year with a clean house!

This picture kills me!  I could eat this child alive! She is so full of personality!

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Anonymous said...

What a crew!