Saturday, August 6, 2011

We went back to the MCM when Katie and Bryson were here.

We also went to the Flowood library for story time.  That week it was camping week.  Mrs. June always does the best job.  There were big tents in the room and she had flashlights for the kids! And of course popcorn for a snack!

William and Wes came down and their visit overlapped some with Katie and Bryson being here.  So, we all loaded up and went to the Science Museum.
Laura, how on earth do you get Wes to smile?

Even though this picture is terribly blurry, I love it!  

And...I must say I was so proud of myself for allowing Sara Beth to do this.  It was all I could do to make myself be quiet!  I wanted to grab my kids, run away, and scream.  Instead I bit my tongue, sat down so I couldn't run, and took a few pictures! The girl behind her put this snake around her neck.  I am sure all of Jackson would have heard if SB had done that!


shahanara said...

Wow, beautiful blog. I like it.............

Anonymous said...

The kids are adorable. The picture of the baby dolls in the stroller is classic... the doll on the right is oblivious to everything, doll on the left is just the one with personality and the doll in the center wants nothing to do with anyone. Just one note of caution: I would blur out the license plate number on the mini-van in the background. There are just too many sickos out there looking for houses or locations of where children can be found.