Friday, August 12, 2011

My Big Kindergartener!

I have said what every other mother has said today--"I can't believe my baby is big enough to be in Kindergarten!"  I was shocked at how hard this was for me!  As you can tell by the smile, it wasn't hard for her!  I am so very thankful for First Pres Day School.  I know from teaching there that all the things they were saying about how much they love our kids is so true.  They really do want to get to know our kids and help us to rear them in the admonition of the Lord.  I am looking forward to her time at that school and watching her grow!

These are her sweet teachers-Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Slack

You can tell in this picture I am barely holding back tears--well, I didn't for long!

Her preschool friend, Sarah, is in her class.

Henry and Sara Beth smiling with their new FPDS bears! ( I think these two look so much alike!  I have a picture when they were just weeks old and they looked alike then too!)

Another preschool friend, Lauralee.  She's not in her class, but hopefully they will see each other some!


Anonymous said...

so sweet...i can't believe it! congrats on making it on the first day (i'm guessing the hardest!)

Kelly Kennedy said...

SB in going to have a wonderful year!! Mrs. Parker was Katherine teacher and we LOVE her sooo much. She is an angel! I know it is hard to let your baby start kindergarten! I cried for a week last year and I was sobbing on the first day! This year it was different. I dropped her off early and squealed my tires leaving...kidding:)

Anonymous said...

Oh she looks so cute and excited. Praying for a great school year for Sarah Beth and her cousins. Honey