Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are so very excited about Spring Break!  Zeb works about 24 weekends a year, so it doesn't seem to come around often where he can take 5 days off in a row!  But today thru Monday he is off!!  We thought long and hard about what we wanted to do--originally we were going to rent a cabin and stay for a few days...then, we thought about New Orleans and a few other places.  We decided, though, that what we really needed was rest and some fun, so we are staying home!  We are going to do everything that we do every now and then and cram it in to these few days!  Lots of fun and not much cooking and not much laundry!

Our plans today were to pick Sara Beth up from pajama day at school and go to Mazzios to eat.  Then, we were going home for a nap and to the Natural Science Museum.  That didn't exactly happen because Leigh's ear was hurting.  Last night, Zeb affectionately ran his hand over her head, and she kept telling him he hurt her ear.  We thought this was just a little drama, but this morning she continued to say that her ear hurt and felt like something was in it!  Well, after getting the puss cleaned out by nurse Margaret, we found out she has a ruptured ear drum.  Leigh has been really difficult this last week or so and it was probably in part due to her ear--however, she had no symptoms and never once complained!  Poor little girl!  She's been a trooper, but it still really bothers her!  

We did go to Mazzio's, but headed to the doctor afterwards.  The girls both slept over 2 hours so we decided to just play some games the girls got for the birthdays.  To make the evening special, we called My May and Bo Bo to meet us at Fernandos!  It was a fun day!

My May and Bo Bo brought Leigh her birthday presents.  This is a visor so that she can play tennis!  Elizabeth and her family gave it to her--pretty cute!


The Gardners said...

That's my kind of vacation! The girls will love it! I say order out or go out every meal!
We are saying a prayer for sweet Leigh!

The Purser Family said...

Glad you all are getting a "sta-cation"! Can't wait to see pictures of Leigh playing tennis!