Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We hit the ground running...first we celebrated Leigh's birthday with some doughnuts!

And she got to open her presents--which included this new bike!  She may or may not have needed a new bike because I may or may not have run over her trike!

Sam got called a girl 3x this day!  He was in an orange jon jon with animals all over it that the three Henson boys wore with a demin cap--I mean, come on...

We tried hard, yet were unsuccessful at a decent pic!

The black bear was up for a game of beek-a-boo with the girls!

After a lunch at home and naps, Daddy tried to teach Leigh how to ride her bike!

And Sam got some good outdoor time!

Leigh got to pick where we went for dinner and she picked Cock of the Walk--no surprise there!


Gray said...

Love the picture of the girls at the zoo! So glad you enjoyed the stay-cation!

Anonymous said...

Love it all!

Lauren said...

This post made my day!
Lauren Love

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Love the hug pic with the giraffe in the background. Fun day for all I believe. Honey