Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Leigh Leigh

Dear Leigh, It's officially your birthday.  You are very confused because we have been celebrating for 2 weeks now!  You have been saying you are "free cause I got my tennis racquet" for quite a while now!  You are so funny!  Everyone tells us this.  You seem to have a really good sense of humor!  You love to sing and we can't get over how many songs you have memorized!  You definitely can cheer anyone up when they are having a bad day!  You are as stubborn as they come, but I have a feeling this will get under control as you get older.  You are very coordinated and nothing is much of a challenge for you.  You keep big bruises on your legs from constantly trying to keep up with Sara Beth! You are the sweetest thing to your little brother!  You always are checking on him to make sure he is okay.  You have beautiful, although, slightly wild strawberry blonde hair!  You are a great eater!  Especially when a granddaddy is feeding you! You absolutely love olives and pickles!  And you are very photogenic!  I have hundreds of really good pictures of you!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, again, Babalou. I love you. BoBo

Anonymous said...

I love you Leigh!!