Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On Saturday, we went to the Children's Museum, and yet again, play with different things!  As many times as we have been there is still stuff we haven't even touched yet!  Scrabble was fun today!

Even Sam did a little playing with the kitchen stuff!

Then we went on a picnic to Bridges!  Before we left, the girls help me pack the basket that the Brashiers gave us as a wedding gift!

Sam went down a slide for the first time!

After naps, we had tennis time in the yard!  We have everything we need, but a net!

Sam also rode up and down the street in the car!

Miriam came over Saturday evening and played with everyone so we could have a date!  So fun!  Thanks Miriam and Zeb for planning it and working out all the details! Anytime, Miriam--seriously!!


Elizabeth Pegg said...

They looked precious in tennis outfits! Also, great picture of you two. I love you all and miss you

Amazing said...

You are getting so good with that camera! That's a great picture of you and Zeb too!

The Gardners said...

The last comment was from me:) Didn't realize Grace was signed on. She does say Hey though!