Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday and Monday

There are many great things about vacationing at home.  One of them is being able to go to your own church on Sunday!  That we did, then we ate at Cool Water for the first time.  It has a great salad bar!  After naps we headed to the Farmer's Market to look around and see what they have in.  That led us to buying a bunch of good veggies for dinner!  Zeb grilled and it was as good as it looks!

Monday we went to the Natural Science Museum.  They have the best exhibit they have ever had.  It's a butterfly one!  The teacher in me--I can't help it---read The Hungry Caterpillar to the girls before we went and made sure they understood the stages so  they would get what they were looking at!

This is showing everyone how a caterpillar moves---it moves it back first to make it go forward!  We also learned that when a caterpillar is scared it moves backward.

Doing what caterpillars do...

This is a type of plant that caterpillars can get stuck in.

Changing into a chrysalis...

Another danger for butterflies...

Dancing to attract a mate...(not yet Leigh, not yet...)

A zip line with wings, so the butterflies can migrate south!

Have you ever seen alligator using a turtle as a pillow with two more turtles on his back!

An open air butterfly exhibit.

Loving the trails outside!

Then, we all got sad because vacation was over!!!  We will do it again though!!


Anonymous said...

Precious times. Honey

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Hats off to Chef Henson! Who would have thought?