Thursday, March 3, 2011

8 months

Dear Sam, Once upon a time there was a little boy named Sam who was a great little napper and a happy little camper.  The end.

The last two weeks have been pretty tough around here.  You have wanted me to hold you ALL day and screamed at me when I put you down.  However, I think maybe yesterday you turned a corner.  You were much happier!  Today your second tooth came through--maybe that had something to do with it--maybe not!  I have given up on you napping.  You nap a short nap when we take your sisters to school and another one when we pick them up.  You and I are both less frustrated since I have given up.  I just move you from room to room and talk to you while I try to get some work down.  Please understand, I have not given up completely-just for now!  When you get older, you will learn to take a good, long afternoon nap!  You sleep great at night--7pm to 6ish am.

You are not crawling.  However, you can roll and squirm anywhere you want to go!  I love to watch you do this--it's really cute and something neither of your sisters did.  You can watch your sisters play for a long time.  You still really like toys and books and bottles, but not so much food.  You LOVE being outside.  That's great because we spend almost all of our time outside--it has been so pretty and it helps keep our house a little neater! ha!

You also really like your Daddy.  You light up when he comes into the room!  That absolutely melts my heart!

We love you!


Anonymous said...

I love you too, Sam.

The Gardners said...

That little you a run for your money momma! He just wants to make sure those girls don't get more lovin' than he does!

We MUST get together soon!