Saturday, August 14, 2010

Visit from Eady

Eady and Jennifer came to visit 2 weeks ago!  We had a blast!  But, as always it was too short!  Tucker and Emily stayed in Memphis and Tim was on a boys trip.  They had fun playing outside even though they got way too hot!

Eady was so sweet playing with Sam--she's had a lot of good practice lately with Emily!

Jen and I tackled one sewing project.  I haven't sewn in forever because my hands were so swollen and hurt so bad while I was pregnant.  It was nice to do it again!  We made the big girls these skirts. Sara Beth has been begging for a skirt and I finally gave in!

Sweet hug bye!  Come back and bring your siblings!

Here they are taking a break from playing!

How did Leigh get so much dirtier and so much more sweaty?

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That Leigh!