Saturday, August 7, 2010

Making the most of our days...

I have gotten very emotional about school getting started back.  I think it is mostly because I feel like I didn't have a summer with the girls.  Well, we are spending the last two weeks before school starts making up for that.  Zeb and I are trying to do as much as possible with them.  It has been fun and I think they have enjoyed the activities.  These are just some of them. I will post more later...

This is from The Play Place.  I actually didn't take them.  Our babysitter Miriam did.  The girls absolutely love her and she is a great example for them.  We will miss her when she goes back to school next week.  Hopefully she will call us when she comes back into town (hint, hint...)!

She almost got fired for good over this picture though.  Ole Miss and Raiders...doesn't she know us at all!!!

Sam is awake more and more and the girls are so sweet to him!

Even though it is blue blazing hot the girls have done some yard work with Daddy!

And sometimes the edger can even be a horse!

We have eaten popsicles right after breakfast on more than one occasion!

And played with a lot of play dough

And stomped through the mud puddles after the rain

and been Daddy's weights

and taken lots of baths

and read lots of Bible stories...  
The girls pretend they are Noah on a daily basis.  They pick something as their boat (clothes rack, bed, sofa, corner of a room, etc...) and pile everything in so it doesn't sink!

and when they do that...this is what our playroom looks like...

and we have slept (some more than others)

and we went to Hayes' birthday party---which was a blast!  

and Sam had his first extended outside time...

while the girls painted

I have some more pictures from this past week....and we have a busy week to come!

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