Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Due Date

Today is Sam's due date!  I think it's pretty weird to think about!  He seems so settled into our family already!

Sam, you are... 7 lb 10 oz and 21 in! You have grown a bunch-especially in the last two weeks!

You are a good sleeper. You usually sleep a 3 hour and almost a 4 hour stretch during the night.  Twice you have made it almost 5 hours.  You like to sleep swaddled and usually wake up when your arm gets out!

During the day I feed you every 3 hours and I try to keep you up for an hour after I feed you.  Sometimes you are too sleepy to make it the whole hour.  Usually in the morning you can stay awake an hour and a half.

You love your sisters!  Your favorite play spot is on the floor right beside a window!

He took his first nap in his crib today and will (more than likely) sleep in his crib tonight!

Sam needed a quick break from picture taking to yawn!

He really is as sweet as he looks!

I have started very slowly working out.  Today was my first real day and I had two great companions!  I only did one mile and it's not real strenuous, but Sara Beth did the entire thing with me!  And no, I do not wear a leo when I work out!


laura said...

Sam is growing and changing and is just so cute! And I am so impressed with you starting to work out! Aren't you tired enough already?!? :)

Anonymous said...

I love that yawn!


Anonymous said...

Exercise partners are a must! and you lucked into two really cute ones. And Sam is looking more like his sisters each day

Anonymous said...

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