Monday, August 30, 2010

family time

i have been a bad blogger lately--i have no idea why! ha!
some of these are from quite a while ago, but i wanted to get them on the blog.

this was taken last thursday when we went to see doe and dub.  i love it.  the two sams looks like they are carrying on a very important conversation!  i bet they are!

the girls love dub's walker--it's a fun ride for them!

doe and sam

this is from more than a month ago when nannoh came to visit

mimi (my great aunt)

kay (who doesn't like to have picture taken) helping me get to the car

holly (zeb's sister)  brought the girls to visit 6 weeks ago or so

this picture makes me laugh--you can tell ariana and alexandra didn't want to stop playing for a picture

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Anonymous said...

Really good pictures!


Love those 2 Sams!