Wednesday, August 18, 2010




Looking back at the first day of school pictures makes me cry!  My! How time flies!

Today was the Trinity Tea Party!  Sara Beth has Mrs. Amy Friday and knows several of the children in her class!  She is very excited about being in the 4 year old class!  I love the picture below.  Sara Beth rarely smiles naturally for pictures.  She is below!

Today was a big day for Leigh!  She got to go meet her 2 year old teacher!  She was very excited posing for pictures!  She also was very excited about her backpack! But...

When she got to school she wasn't so sure.  Zeb nor I have ever seen her with her hands in her mouth like this.  She was very nervous and since her paci stays in her bed I guess her fingers were the next best thing.  She told Honey yesterday she wanted to bring Todo (her dog she sleeps with nightly) to school!  It breaks my heart she is so sweet!

Things did get better when her teacher, Mrs. Phillips, pulls out dough-nut holes!  You can tell in her eyes though she still isn't sure!

She loved the balloon though!

And did let Mrs. Kristi Phillips hold her!

But was most comfortable when we went to pick Sister back up!  It's funny--she never left my side at her tea party, but when we got to Sister's room she bolted right in and started playing!

Sara Beth is very glad Ann Stuart and Warner are in her class!


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that they are at Trinity. They will be loved and so happy there. Makes me wish that I was back there and could see them daily. Honey

Miriam said...

How cute! I love these pictures! I love ya'll very much!

laura said...

Sara Beth looks like such a big girl in her pic from this year... hands on her hips and all! Leigh and Sam are just as cute as they can be, too!

laura said...
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