Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School Dinner

I love back to school!  I cannot help it!  Tomorrow the girls have their tea party at school.  They are both so excited to meet their teacher.  We had a special dinner tonight to celebrate  While I was finishing dinner, the girls worked on their coloring books that I made them from sheets printed off the Internet.  (I may do this every night before dinner because they were seated at the table and not under my feet! :))

After dinner Zeb read The Kissing Hand and The Day the Teacher Went Bananas!  We are definitely all ready for school tomorrow!

Friday night after the rain it was cool outside (75 degrees)  I took the opportunity to dress him in a hat!  He looked so sweet!

I couldn't get over how big Sam looked today!  He is starting to get rolls!

And he is very tired of all the pictures I take!

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