Sunday, December 1, 2013

From the mouth of a 3 year old...

A couple of weeks ago, Sam sand "Amazing Grace" ALL day long!  When Zeb was putting him to bed he said, "Sam, do you have "Amazing Grace" stuck in your head?"--Sam responded with "no, it's stuck in my mouth"!!

"I hungry again"----it's never "I'm still hungry" or "I would like more" and usually again is 4 or 5 syllables long!

my disters--my sisters--

When he ask a question, he always finishes it with "yes or no".  For example..."Can I go outside to play? yes or no?"  "Can I take a bath? yes or no?"

We are working on the first 13 questions of the children's catechism.  He thinks so much about these questions.  The girls just memorized the answers and every now and then ask a question.  We would give them an answer and they were always satisfied.  Not so with Sam.  Right now he is stuck on a number 9 because he won't just memorize it and move on--he's stuck on.. there are 3 persons in the one God and that God is a spirit and does not have a body.  I am not sure he will move on until he can understand this--he might still be on question 9 when he's 30!  Zeb will explain it to him the best he can and he either argues with Zeb about it or says "what you say?"

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