Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12k for the holidays

There was only a 50% chance of rain, and yet it rained EVERY SINGLE STEP WE TOOK!  Once we got going, we had a really good time!  We weren't able to do the 12k for the holidays last year and I really forgot how much fun it is!  

This is an absolutely terrible picture!

The rain and freezing temps didn't stop the kiddos from racing.

Sara Beth and this little girl next to her with the two fastest girls.  I wasn't up by the finish line to see who actually crossed over first.  SB said the timer said 9:18!  She really loves racing!

I was impressed with this little girl too!  She finished in less than 13 minutes and ran almost the entire way!

Sam had a pretty sweet ride until the very end!  He ran up the last hill--he could barely run because of his wet and heavy clothes!

After a three hour nap  in bed with sweats,the covers, an extra blanket, and our fireplace going we were hungry for some Mexican!  Thankfully we had some sweet friends who wanted to join us!
It was sometime on Sunday before I actually warmed up!  Looking forward to next year, but hoping the weather will be a little sunnier!

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