Tuesday, December 31, 2013

McDaniel Christmas

About lunchtime on Christmas Day, we headed to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas.  We had a really good time! It was very low key and laid back--in other words perfect! The kids had a blast.  After opening gifts, the 3 big girls ran off to play and we only saw them the couple of times they wanted to show us a routine! Sam, Bryson, and Anna Corinne had a fun time hanging around and playing with their new gifts.  

The girls loved their new dresses from China!

This was pretty much my view the entire day.  No one wanted me in the kitchen or around food, so I sat with my feet propped up just observing everyone!  Next year, I owe everyone some cooking and cleaning!

The girls got some dress up clothes and their dolls got matching outfits!  Pretty fun!

Love this of Sam and Doe playing balloon!

All of Doe's greats (AC is in there somewhere) --They were giving her her calendar for the year!

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