Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Fun

our weekend plans changed as many times as sam changes hats and leigh changes clothes, but we managed to have a really good one after all!  sam had his first little program.  i wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he did really good.  translatation-he stood up there, no crying, and sang some.  any which a way--i was very proud!

friday afternoon, we visited with my dad for a bit before running errands.  after running a few errands, we ate dinner out and came home to a fire and lots of books!  
sara beth had a birthday party friday night and her sweet friends mom sent this picture!  she had so much fun skating with her friends.

saturday morning we went to the madison parade.  it was fun--but this was our 8th year and it was a lot smaller than usual.  that was fine by us  because it was very cold and we had somewhere to be by 10:30!  but, i hope it was just small because of the weather and will pick back up next year!

 a reward for keeping daddy's ears warm!

and just for proof that i was there!  after the parade, we went to a sweet friend's 2nd birthday.  that afternoon we hung around the house before getting dressed up for the pediatric christmas party.  i did take a few pictures, but they were horrible.  thanks to technology, i deleted them!  i do hate we didn't get a good picture though because its not often we dress up!

 and this has absolutely nothing to do with our weekend. but, i'm fascinated by what people actually stick to their cars.  

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