Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Week

we had a big time thanksgiving week celebrating with family and friends.  

everyone had thanksgiving parties at school.  it ended up being one of those days where i tried to be everywhere and i successfully ended up no where.  at least that's what it felt like.  i didn't want sam to miss his party, so i went to pick him up during leigh's party.  it took a lot longer than i thought, so i ended up missing almost all of hers.  that doesn't sound like a big deal now, but it sure was at the time! 3 kiddos are so hard to balance! i am so thankful for my three though!

on monday, we went to bass pro shop with the goldmans.  i had never been at christmas!  there is a lot to do!  rebecca had an extra kid and so did i and all 7 of them had a blast!

on tuesday, we went to the children's museum.  the three henson boys and the goldmans were all there. lots of fun--as always!

after that we headed to sams for a super fancy, healty, and expensive lunch!  well, maybe not fancy, expensive, or healthy! but, it was fun!  all five of us ate for $8!

tuesday night was hamburger night at the hensons

and of course there was dessert!

wednesday, zeb worked, so we just did our own thing!  i organized a group of our friends to ring the salvation army bell!  it was SOOOOO cold! but, lots of fun and an easy way for the kids to serve.

the henson boys came with my in-laws and my mom came all to help help make the bucket overflow by 8:00!  thanks to all!

 leigh was snuggled up to me and i didn't realize this was how she had her hat!  i have no idea how long it was like this! pretty smart though!

we ate lunch with my mom and then everyone took great naps!  after naps, we headed for a good visit with my grandmother!  doe and sam were sporting some plaid!

we spent thanksgiving day at the hensons, where i managed to not take one single picture!  but take my word for it--it was fun and yummy!

thursday night we visited with my parents for a bit and ate some chili.  the kids did a craft that we did not manage to finish before thanksgiving.  

friday, we went to the farm.  when we pulled in, i told zeb he might not get me away! i sure love that place!  we really need to go more!

my dad surprised everyone and bought a gator!  very fun!

this is just a random picture taken thanksgiving week--sam helped daddy with his push ups!

we call it successful because everyone ended up like this... and two weeks later we are still recovering!


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