Monday, July 15, 2013

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Since going to Disney World back in May, I have had Dory's song "Just keep swimming" in my head.  So much that Sara Beth finally said, "Momma, sorry, but that is just annoying".  ha! I couldn't even get on to her because I agree!  But that has been the theme of the summer!  We started out the summer with Sam having swim lessons.  He did so good.  There were tears but he got over them and did exactly what his teacher asked him to do.  He took with his buddy Jake.

I determined that this was the summer that SB was going to get over all of her swimming fears.  I figured swim team was the place to do it.  Not to exaggerate, but swim team has been one of the best things we have done.  I love how it is both an individual and team sport.  In the last few meets Sara Beth swam freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke,  plus a freestyle and medley relay (where she swam butterfly).  She got the "most improved" trophy and I would have to agree.  She has gained so much confidence.  It has been so much fun to watch her develop into a swimmer!  (On a side note, she swallowed her 8th tooth at City Swim Meet.)

The girls with their ever so patient coaches.

The team

Leigh has come so far this year too.  She swam freestyle in several meets.  She's not quite able to swim without grabbing the rope, but I bet she will be able to by the end of the summer--too bad swim team is over!  She has kept me on my toes!  One minute she is swimming great, the next minute she is not wanting to at all.  Two weeks ago she got up on the diving blocks ready to go.  The announcer says, "swimmers on your mark, get set, go".  Instead of jumping in the water she jumps off and runs away.  This made me so MAD! But, I already see the humor in it.  I was so upset, I deleted the video. I wish I had not.  We may have been able to win money on America's Funniest Videos!!  We couldn't end the year that way, so she swam a lap in City Meet so that she could end her year on a positive note!  The other funny thing that happened with her actually had nothing to do with her.  I was videoing her swimming at the yacht club and I tripped over the lifeguard stand. I do have video of that.  And a month later my knee is still bruised and I bet that teenage lifeguard is still laughing about the old lady that fell flat on her face.  I was glad I didn't fall in the pool and Zeb is glad I didn't drop the phone in the pool! 

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