Thursday, July 25, 2013

enjoying our time

we went to new albany last tuesday for the day to visit zeb's grandmother.  we arrived early so we stopped by his uncle's business and visited for a bit.  dry creek told sam to hang on tight!  he wasn't letting go for anything, but the ride around the warehouse sure was fun!

the tupelo hensons came over so that we could enjoy a lunch.  by the way, el agave, in new albany has delicious mexican!

sam had a playdate so we got in some good girl's time.  they enjoyed painting while i sat on the swing

and read an entire Magic Tree House book to them!  

we've enjoyed several fun days at the museum.

my bed is perfect for post nap snuggling!


we enjoyed a very fun two and a half hours at the park on monday morning.  it was almost cool (or at least not hot).  this was their imaginary "home".  sam was the boy, leigh the mamma, and sb the aunt.  i found out when we took a bathroom break that i was the mimi.  

this made me laugh so hard.  sam asked us to wait on dinner so that he could answer the phone.  i have no idea where he got this from because we don't talk on the phone during dinner!


The Hensons said...

sam got a haircut! big boy!

Heather said...

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