Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sam

Sam's birthday is always a little different for me than the girls.  I think even after three years there is such a sense of relief.  I am not sure if and when that will go away.  I got an email from a friend this morning that said, "...I know it will be an emotional one for you! At least I think birthdays make momma's remember so much and Sam was a much prayed for little boy!"  That pretty much sums it up!  I had a very rocky pregnancy from day 1 with this little guy.  Once he was born he was in the NICU but we knew he would be okay. He just needed more time than he had to grow and eat and breathe. It was just leading up to that time there was so much uncertainty.  After he was born I cried for hours--days may be more like it!  It was literally seven months of anxiety that just needed to come out!

This is my very favorite picture from that time.  I think he was 4 or 5 days old.  I always asked the NICU nurses to turn him on his belly when I was in there because he was much more peaceful.  He had a place in his chest that seriously caved in when he was on his back!  Also, I love Zeb's tender hand touching him!  He looks so peaceful!

I think he was 3 days old here and this was my first time to hold him!  One day I will show him this picture and tell him what all he put me through! Just kidding...sort of...

I know he wasn't tiny to NICU standards, but he was to ours.  My husband has skinny fingers and Sam's arm was the same thickness! (2 weeks here)

And this was yesterday!

This has by far been his healthiest year and we are so very grateful!  I will take him soon for height and weight but I think he will have made great strides in the weight department!  He is all boy! And he loves to remind me of that.  He tells me daily, "me a boy and so is daddy".  He loves balls, cars, trucks, books and being outside.  At home he is very loud!  He tends to be super shy and quiet in public.  He is a great eater and was a great sleeper until two days ago (more on that later).  He talks NONSTOP at home.  Some of my favorite sayings are: "mir" which is a mix of mam and sir- He says this to everyone:   "come on girls" "where my "disters"", "wait one second", and "where?" He says where as some kids say why---meaning all the time!  He also says "that's my baborite" (favorite).  I have a video of this that I will have to post. He likes for Leigh to be his playmate and Sara Beth be his caretaker (it has been this way since he was 6 months old!).  He loves to "I help you Daddy" in the yard.  When Daddy gets his tools out, he runs to get his.  He loves Sunday School, but he hates church any other time.  He is still completely attached to Zeb (if you can't tell), although he is now much nicer to me!

We had both a very fun and very hard day today! (poor guy is absolutely exhausted)  I will post pictures of it tomorrow!  I am headed to bed because I need to sleep while he is sleeping!

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