Friday, September 28, 2012


SB has been our busiest kiddo!  Being 6 is fun!  She has had to adjust to no napping during the week, school all day, a little bit of homework, soccer, and just having some downtime at home!

She is LOVING school!  She has the sweetest teacher and is learning a lot!  This week has been Johnny Appleseed week.  They ended the week with apple bobbing!  

Her sweet class

Olivia, Sarah, and Sara Beth

She has really enjoyed soccer.  I am surprised.  Not sure why I am, but I am, nonetheless!  As the season has progressed we have seen her get better and better!  Last night she had quite a fan club!  Both sets of grandparents, two cousins, and Kate!  

I absolutely love this pic!  What on earth are Sam and Kate talking about?  

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