Friday, September 7, 2012

Because of Zeb's work schedule he was only able to be there on Saturday.  Although it did limit our (or at least my) fun, it didn't stop it!

This little guy ran and played so hard.  Anytime we had singing or a lesson he got real quiet in someones arms.

Mr. Nick, Sara Beth, and a walking stick

Our second family activity was a scavenger hunt!  Needless to say the kids had a blast!

Always looking for a ride!

While the littles were napping, we went horse back riding!

After naps we went and did a suspended swing!  I was so proud of Sara Beth.  She was SOOO nervous!  You can see it in her sweet face.  She has conquered so many fears this summer.  She ended up doing it twice!


My crew...about 8:30 the third night of staying up late!

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The Purser Family said...

I talked to Sara Beth earlier while she was at work. She said she had the best time especially playing with her cousins! What a great idea!!