Sunday, September 30, 2012


It is 7:05 and my kids have been in bed for about 45 minutes and asleep for 20.  We are all exhausted from our unusually busy and fun weekend!  This afternoon, Mom and I took the girls to Pinkalicious at the Actor's Playhouse in Pearl!  It was so cute and well done!  As you can imagine this has been a favorite book around our house for years.  Both girls had it fully memorized before they were three! And both girls still love to read it regularly!

During intermission they had pink cupcakes for sale!

The cast

This is Pinkalicious!  The girls were SOO excited to get their picture with her!  She was Annie at New Stage last year--no doubt she will be famous one day! 

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MissNikkiSays said...

I was a preschool teacher up until about a month ago and Pinkalicious was always one of my faves, even the boys enjoyed some of her silly stories! Must have been cool to see it live. I love your blog. Will follow you :) Hope you will check mine out and perhaps follow back! :)