Monday, July 30, 2012

secret ingredient-zucchini

Our friends, The Oakleys, brought us some tomatoes and zucchini at church last Sunday.  (Hope Fruit and Berry Farms--you can follow them on Face Book.)  The Livingston Market was rained out the Thursday before and they were kind enough to share.  This picture does not do the zucchini justice.  That one is absolutely HUGE! That is a Peter's Pottery platter holding the tomatoes! Now, you must know that zucchini is an all-time favorite here.  We eat it almost every week--usually I  just roast it or grill it, but this was so much so I had to get creative.

All of that above turned into this below...Zucchini 5 ways...1. asparagus 2. zucchini fries 3. zucchini bites 4. sauteed shredded zucchini 5. tomatoes and feta with balsamic dressing 6. roasted zucchini and the 7th thing on the plate is a layered zucchini, tomato, and mozzarella baked dish

We definitely will be eating all these dishes again!  It was lots of fun coming up with various ways to use the zucchini, but I won't be cooking all of this at one time again--it took me over 2 hours!

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