Monday, July 16, 2012

Last week

We had a really busy week last week and I didn't get around to taking many pictures!  Monday night, The Mills, came to dinner and we got to hear about the work they will be doing in California.  They will be church planting around Fresno.  I think this is a funny picture, because SB is reading them a book on potty training!  

Holly and Elizabeth's kids were here for the week.  All 6 big kids went to sports camp at Bizzy Bodies.  They had a blast!  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of all of them.  I'm gonna blame it on the rain because we couldn't stand outside and visit!

I told the kids to get in the van one morning and I walked out to find this! Of course, I let them!  

After camp one day, we went to Newks and then to get Snow Cones at Bops.

Last night we went to the Hensons and celebrated Holly's birthday.  The kids played hard outside and we needed a few wind down moments before dinner.  Here they are all watching Annie.
 Ariana and Alexandra gave Sam this guitar for his birthday.  It is a B. Woofer and is the cutest thing ever!  He has really had fun walking around and playing it!

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Claire said...

Your girls have the cutest dresses! You did have a busy week...hope you get to rest a bit this week.