Monday, July 2, 2012

Sam is 2!!

Two years ago today this little guy surprised us!  Our life has never been the same and we are forever grateful to God for a healthy baby!  I learned so many life lessons during  infertility, then a very hard pregnancy, followed by an emergency section.  I have seen firsthand that God's timing is best.  This is something that I have obviously known forever, but being a bit of a control freak, this has always been one of my struggles.

This has been such a fun year.  He has been so much healthier this year!  Because of that, we have really had the chance to see his personality blossom!  He is a very particular little guy!  He knows what he wants and when he wants it and he wont quit until he communicates that to you!  He is quite reserved.  He talks a lot, but he won't talk unless he is very comfortable around you.  This reminds me so much of his Daddy! He loves his sisters!  He is very independent and doesn't want their help, although the last few weeks I have noticed him letting them hold his hand and or open something for him.  He loves cars, trucks, balls, and being outside!  

This picture makes me laugh--I'm not sure if this means he is a doctor's kid or if he has just spend way too much time with an otoscope down his ear!  Either way he has no idea what a drill is!!

Time out works like a charm when he is misbehaving!  He is so stinkin cute in time out!  Especially when he is just in a diaper and it is showing a cheek!  If he knows he is disobeying sometimes he will try to put himself in time out before I can get a chance to do it! When I get him out of time out he turns around with a huge smile and gallops towards me waiting for a big hug!
(The red spots on his back are nothing--pretty much anytime anything touches his skin it turns red.)

He sleeps like a champ.  I don't turn the monitor on though because many nights he wakes up and throws a party or two.  He sleeps in one piece footed pajamas backwards because well, he has been known to take his diaper off and make a mess, if you know what I mean!  He still takes a morning and afternoon nap and sleeps from about 6:30 pm-7 am.  He decided to sleep in on his birthday today and he didn't wake up until 9:30!

He loves food, but won't eat if he is too tired.  I can normally count on two meals a day from him.  But boy, this skinny little guy can put down some food!  He eats most everything--from veggies all the way to ice cream!
Oh, and he loves his daddy!  I mean A LOT!! He will not let me do a thing for him when Zeb is around. Even if he gets hurt he won't let me comfort him.  I thought he was supposed to be a mommy's boy?

This little guy has stolen the hearts of the girls in this family!  I love to hear Sara Beth and Leigh talk about him.  They are so proud when he learns something new. They have both been working hard on teaching him to say that he is two.  He won't! Ha!  Even though he says two when he is counting!  I have no doubt he will be saying it soon--if only to get them to stop asking!

We go to the doctor soon for his check-up! I can't wait to see his stats!

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Anonymous said...

love that sweet boy!!!! and i agree that picture of him in time out is just too stinking cute :) so sad I won't have nieces or nephews to walk around in diapers only for much longer.

Happy Birthday Sam!