Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pride and parenting

pride--just the word makes my skin crawl.  i hate it.  it is one of those sins that just sneaks up on me and makes me so mad.  as a christian i know it has absolutely no room in my life.  i really want god to get the glory and i know every gift i have is from him.  

i got a new calendar last week and as i was going through my old one and transferring the important dates i noticed that i took some notes on pride.  i can't remember where i was when i heard them.  so, someone deserves all the credit for the things below--i'm thinking maybe someone from focus on the family.

but, i wanted to put this on the blog so that i would be able to find it again, because i doubt i will be going through my 2011-2012 calendar again!

this specifically deals with pride and how we i like to take credit for my kids behavior.

*the world often judges us by our children's reaction to something however god judges us by the way we react to our kids.

*we take too much credit.

*our responsibility is to help our children find their place in his kingdom.

*am i being a good steward with the child god has given me? am i helping them grow? am i addressing their weaknesses?

*am i more concerned with god saying well done thy good and faithful servant more than my neighbor saying that?

*we need to be god centered.

*we need to parent with the heart of worship

do you agree?  is this something you struggle with too, or am i all alone? 

have a great tuesday!

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