Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Goals

My main summer goal is to have a great time with my kiddos!  The last two summers have been hard and honestly I really haven't enjoyed them too much.  Two summers ago, I was flat on my back and miserable!  Last summer, Sam couldn't walk which made it very hard to go places because he would scrap up his legs at the splash pad or the park.  Now, everyone can walk and the girls are at an easier age as well!  Here are some of my goals...

1.  Read...I am not putting a number goal like I did last year.  I am keeping my list on the side of the blog, but Sam wants me to read the same books over and over and Sara Beth wants me to read chapter books, which just take longer.  I think I read 6-7 chapter books last summer; this year we will probably read one or so a week.  Also, I have to make sure I take time to read age appropriate books with Leigh and give Sara Beth some time to read out loud to us!

2.  Spend lots of time at the pool...and for my kiddos to enjoy it!

3.  Play lots of games...today we played about 10 hands of UNO and it was so fun!  I need to teach my girls how to lose gracefully!

4.  Potty train Sam.  I have offered my sister-in-law, Laura, big bucks and she won't bite--so I guess that means I will have to do it!

5.  Keep my house clean enough for a spur of the moment looker--and hopefully to sell it this summer!

6.  Read... and this time I mean me!  I got three books for my birthday that I would like to read this summer, plus a lot more on my list.

7.  Eat lots of Popsicles and get lots of snow cones!

8.  Spend time with friends!

9.  Memorize Scripture...I will be working on one or two verses a week with the girls during breakfast.

10.  Cook quick and easy things  and buy 80% of our dinners at the farmer's market.

11. Play lots of cars with Sam.

12. Play outside--very early in the morning because of the heat!

13.  Bake a lot with the girls.

14.  Try not to get too hot--it makes us all miserable if we are hot!  I know, this is going to be impossible, but we won't be spending much time outside in the afternoons!

15.  Try to do at least one craft a week with the kids.

16.  Sew... that's for me.  I started some shorts for the girls way too long ago, and haven't finished them yet!

17.  Use less gas.  This won't be hard.  During school, I go through about 2 tanks a week.  Last week, I used only one!  I called Zeb to celebrate!

18.  For Sara Beth to be comfortable riding a bike.

19.  Follow Dr. Tom Elkin's advice and put the kids (both that are arguing) straight into time out if they come to me to tattle.  If I do this consistently, I know it will make for a more peaceful summer.

20.  Carve out a few minutes, even if just 5 minutes, to spend with each kid individually during the day!

I am sure I will add a few more as the summer progresses!  The first week of summer has been so nice! I look forward to many more fun weeks!  Happy Summer!

Early Memorial Day morning at the park!

Popsicles on the porch!

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