Monday, May 14, 2012

Leigh's Program

Leigh had her music program at school a few weeks ago!  I know, I am SO far behind!  She has the best music teacher--Mrs. Connie Taylor!  I love it because Leigh calls her "Mrs. Connie Taylor".  They learned over 128 songs this year and they sang about 30 of them for us.  Leigh sang every word to every song!  I could pick out her sweet little voice even thought there were a bunch of kids on stage--this girl loves to sing!!

They were all a little nervous waiting to come in!

Her fan club...

Sara Beth and Leigh had Lesa Nuzzo.  We think she is wonderful!  I am so sad that she is retiring after this year and Sam won't have the chance to have her!

All I can say is "Oh my!"

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Claire said...

Beautiful picture of Leigh at the end! I LOVE that she loves to sing. :-)