Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The officer, an alligator, and a quote

The Pearl police officer that was killed yesterday has touched me as it has so many people.  Today, I had the privilege of watching about 100 officers escort his body to what I assume is the funeral home.  Traffic on Woodrow Wilson was brought to a standstill and I think everyone in the traffic forgot where they were heading.  It was one of those time stopping moments.  Leigh (4 yrs old) was in the car with me and asked a ton of questions.  I have always had a hard time finding the balance between sheltering my kiddos and being honest with them. (It was very obvious something major was happening.)  I have sort of gone by the rule of thumb that I will discuss a lot with them, but I want them watching none of it on the news. The questions started over and then continued for quite a while after we picked up Sara Beth (6).  After about 20 minutes of talking about what happened Leigh said "Mamma, I think we should pray about him, but I don't want to".  Sweet thing, knew that we should pray, but didn't have a clue how to.  I prayed and then Sara Beth prayed and it was one of those moments that I am so glad that I stay home so we can have lengthy, heady discussions during carpool!  We will continue to pray for his family and for the other officers involved.  And thanks to all the officers who put their lives on the line daily for our safety--including my cousin, Jeff!

I probably should have stopped the post there, but since I have a few minutes of quiet, I am going to awkwardly transition to something else...It is no secret among friends and family that I am very goal oriented.  However, with an almost 2 year old, 4 and 6 year old, I can make a ton of goals and never follow through.  I was listening to Focus on the Family the other day and Dr. Carlson said something that I have thought about many times already.  He said, " A goal without execution is nothing more than a good idea".  Yikes!  This came at a perfect time for me because I am now 10 days into doing the 30 Day Shred workout.  I have done this off and on for years a couple of days a week, but have never done it 30 straight days.  To say the least, it is kicking my butt.  My body has been sore and fatigued since I started because I am trying to add this on to what I already do, not in the place of.  I don't just want a good idea, I want the satisfaction of a goal met and hopefully a more toned body in the end!  Here is the link to his broadcast...Dr. Carlson's broadcast if you are interested in listening to it. 

And changing subjects once again, we have an alligator in the lake at the front of our neighborhood!  It is a ways away from our house, but I took the girls around the lake the other day and we got within about 8-10 feet of it.  It looks to be 5-6 feet and so far it isn't a problem.  The golfers actually like it because it is eating some of the nutria and other critters that tear up the course.  My girls think it is awesome and we scope it out EVERY time we drive by!  It likes to sunbathe on the fountain!

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