Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nothing like Gooney Bird on a rainy morning

While Sam was napping and it was raining, we had some Gooney Bird time!  If you have a kindergarten-third grade child, they will love Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry.  She is a funny funny child!   She wears wacky clothes, uses big words, and likes to be "right smack in the middle of everything".  More importantly she only tells "absolutely true stories".  Her stories are wild and really keep their attention.  I read these to my second graders way back when and somewhere there is a picture of me dressed up like her!  My only complaint is she is bossy.  I believe there are 5 chapter books now.  This morning I let the girls go pick out some clothes that she might wear and color a picture of her while I read a few chapters!  You can see it was a hit in our house!
(I wish they hadn't blocked out her name, because Leigh wrote it very neatly for a 4 year old!)

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Kelly Kennedy said...

Thanks for the great idea! The girls are precious.